The real of Jesus

Are You a Christian and Hungry For True Spirituality & Willing To Learn?

Finding It Difficult To Understand The Bible?

Are you a Christian worried about your faith?

After reading “The Real of Name of Jesus” in July 2010, I embarked on a journey of exploration of my faith and spiritual growth. Now, I appreciate that some Christians reading this page will be slightly worried or somewhat perplexed by the title of the book which I completely understand, as I was equally surprised and concerned by its title and hesitant to progress beyond the front cover. Having digested the introduction, however, my initial concerns went away, as the author’s opinions are kept to a minimum and he also provides a long list of references used in his research.

Ten years have passed since I first read “The Real Name of Jesus”, I must say that its contents had a profound effect on my spiritual life.  Having been a Christian for 12 years, at the time I regularly attended services in Central London at a church with a welcoming congregation and friendly leadership.  I also helped where I could and enjoyed doing so.  Despite this, I felt a continuing emptiness with the normal Sunday routine, and kept saying to myself, “there must be more than this?”

But this is not about me, it is about anyone who is seeking a deeper understanding of the Christian faith.  Like you, I am on a spiritual journey and the beauty is that we all have individual choice.

Today, you have the opportunity to download for Free a revealing and important book written by a Guido Mora, a Brazilian Christian, titled “The Real Name of Jesus.”   He wrote the book to reveal important insights that have been lost from traditional Christian teachings and when properly understood are a blessing to those seeking a deeper understanding of their faith. If you are a Christian seeking a deeper meaning of your faith, or an individual researching the bible, you are in for a treat.

I hope that you will enjoy and be blessed by Guido Mora’s book, which is certainly a reflection of his love and admiration for our Heavenly Father -Yahweh Yahuwshua, the Most High.


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